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We also tried a 350 Chevy equipped with a long-duration cam and a Holley 750-cfm 0-3310 vacuum-secondary carb that suffered from a bad off-idle stumble and a pig-rich 10.5:1 ratio at part-throttle cruise. The WOT air/fuel ratio was only slightly rich at 12.2:1.
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May 04, 2013 · Hi , guys , one question, what is the best afr for 1.8t petrol engines in wot for high performance ? some ones says that 12.1:1,12:1 others 11.5:1 what do you think?
Was told my tune would result in AFR around 11.5. Too it to dyno today and based on wideband O2 sensors, it's pretty much always at 9.5 - 9.8 under acceleration. Shop says it needs to be corrected or could burn up cats. Sent email to tuner asking for review. My question is, any opinion as to...
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Jul 27, 2015 · This engine produces 710 hp and 665 ft-lbs with drivability right off a 700-rpm idle, and it runs on service-station pump fuel. To get these results, the 1050 Dominator calibrations were given a great deal of attention at WOT and at part throttle/idle.
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11.5:1 rich best torque @ wot 12.2:1 safe best power @ wot 13.3:1 lean best torque @ wot 14.6:1 stochimetric afr ( chemically correct ) 15.5:1 lean cruise 16.5:1 best fuel economy 18.0:1 carbureted lean limit 22.0:1 efi lean limit 14.82 @ 97 mph
All 2007 and later models use narrow-band oxygen sensors and closed loop control to maintain the AFR at 14.6 during idle and cruise. Our TCFI system with wide-band sensors allows closed loop control under all conditions including wide open throttle. You can set the AFR to any desired value from 10.5-15.0 in every RPM and throttle position cell.
Nov 06, 2019 · Hi guys and girls, Im looking for some advice on tuning. Ive set up a wideband o2 sensor setup on my old ratbike now and will be going out for trial runs over the next few days and noting the AFR at WOT,3/4, 1/2, 1/4 etc ready for me to make adjustments to suit.
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Oct 26, 2011 · The AFR OLD will read a little more than a point leaner then the car is actually running. So...if you are seeing 11.5 on your AFR OLD log then your actually running between 10.0 & 10.5 AFR That being said at WOT you want to see between 11.2 & 12.0 depending on fuel...11.5-11.8 is usually money! Hope this helps... ~Cicio TopSpeed Motorsports
Running a 427 Dart Block Small Block Chev making 600hp - AFR Heads with a full forged rotating assembly - MSD Ignition System - Hooker Exhaust System - Turbo 350 Transmission with a 4800 Stall Converter - Full Manual Valve Body - 9 Inch Diff with 31 Spline Mark Williams Axles - Strange Centre - New Leaf Springs, Shocks and Caltracs - Disc Brake ...
The following are all the details on the build, which was finished in late spring of 2020: Motor: 409 (1962 block) bored 30 over, stock crank, clevite bearings, Ross Racing Forged rods and pistons. 10.5:1 compression, Comp 48-602-5 thumper cam, heads 3819333, stainless valves, brass valve guides, ARP throughout, comp 1.7 rockers, comp springs ...
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MAF Sensor values on Scanner Venture Car Forums . Could be the wires, although my wires are fairly new AC Delco wires with about 50,000 mostly highway miles on them.
Fuel Cells & Tanks (1) Fuel Injection (1) ... AFR - Air Flow Research (1) Arias Pistons (3) ... Hays HAY85-101 Chev 10.5" Street Clutc. $504.59.
Excuse me? 13-14 AFR under WOT is Rich? and your a vendor too you should know this. 10.5-11.0 would be very rich under WOT, 13-14 is LEAN LEAN LEAN. But if you want to keep thinking that 13-14 AFR is rich then you need some education on this motor, LOL. @starscream5000
May 28, 2015 · I have a new build 582c.i. BBC. It’s running 10.5 c.r. on pump gas with AFR aluminum heads. I’m planning on a 200 shot of nitrous to run with it occasionally. Obviously I would want a non-projected tip. What would be a good cold plug to start with that would still be able to get hot enough during normal driving to avoid fouling?
Still have to adjust when the water/meth injection kicks in. Will be testing different meth percentages and also what boost to have the meth injection start. Did a couple small runs today on my way to a job site meeting and AFR ratios are looking good. I think I will be able to put the smaller pulley on and still be at a very safe AFR.
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So when the vehicle is reading 1.0 lambda at idle using HPTuners, my AFR gauge on the dash shows 13.6ish. So when doing WOT pulls I have seen my AFR gauge on my dash read around 10.5 or so and my HPTuners lambda reading is around .78 (Which converted is around a 11.46 AFR instead of the 10.5ish reading that the on board dash is saying)
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Tuner seems to think 10.5:1 to low 11:1 AFR is not too rich for a good portion of the dyno pull. Sound right to anyone??? Car is a big ole Mercury Marauder; teksid based DOHC 9.5:1 compression; weird reverse split cam setup with 214 duration and .470 lift on the intake side, but stock exhaust cams; large custom intercooler; 13 PSI on a Paxton ...
May 13, 2013 · tuners go anywhere from 10.5 to 11.5 wot. problem is you are reading a narrow band o2 sensor that does not give an accurate AFR. the higher the number the richer. Actually the stock front O2 is a Wideband, however it is not accurate enough at wide open throttle to be used instead of a true wideband.
2.10.5 Calibrate AFR table (O2 sensor) ... It shouldnt be active at all on WOT pulls, because youre at Wide Open Throttle, youre not moving the throttle around, ...
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Hi All, Ok so my car has been running fine and lately (last couple of weeks) it has developed a running issue where it idle's poorly (fluctuates back and forward) and the last few days, and especially today it has been running quite rough (coughing and spluttering, not wanting to rev properly ...hope this makes sense) and has progressively gotten worse today.
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C&L 80mm mass air, Mac CAI, BBK 65mm tb, Steeda ud pulleys, MGW shifter, RAM HD clutch and aluminum flywheel, 3:73 gears, 2.5" Dynomax o/r x pipe, 3" MAC cat back system w/ 3 1/2" tips, Kenny Brown(front and rear strut tower brace, caster plates, subframe connectors,extreme matrix brace,jacking rails, torque brace, lowering springs), Tokico D-Spec shocks, 03-04 Cobra(side scoops, rear bumper ... Dometic. First introduced to the world in 1968, Dometic— headquartered in Solna, Sweden—produces a range of products aimed at making mobile life easier. What is the best ratio to run as far as AFR at cruising and WOT ? The gauge manufacturer says idle/cruise 14.7 and WOT 10.5. I often see dyno results that are more in line with high 12's to low 13's.

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Jun 16, 2015 · On a naturally aspirated car (no supercharger, turbos or nitrous) you should be fine with a lambda of .85 at WOT. If you're using actual stoich of 14.7:1 then a .85 lambda would be an AFR of ~12.5. If you're using actual stoich of 14.7:1 then a .85 lambda would be an AFR of ~12.5. The unique expansion of science and medicine in Iran might be attributed to several factors, such as the importance of learning and propagation of science in Iran (both before and after the Islamic conquest of the country in the 7th century AD) and its geographical proximity to ancient Greece, India, China, the Islamic empire, as well as being located on the Silk road, which was not only a ... rate (by type of aircraft) as shown in the current AFR 76-11. Flying hour rates change for each fiscal year and AFR 76-11 is published once a year, and effective 1 Oct FY. 28.3. The following are FY 96/97 flying hour rates. Be sure to update your yearly rates before calculating cost estimates. Aircraft FY 96 rate (for JCS & SAAM) FY 97 rate Jan 01, 2007 · All "Marine" and off-road small-block Chevrolet V8. Compression ratio 8.75 - 10.5 to 1, 2600 - 3000 cruise rpm, basic rpm range 2000 - 4500 rpm, 6500 rpm attainable with proper valve springs and lifters. Technical Notes: These are hydraulic flat tappet camshaft kits.

At same boost and ignition timing (two of which have greater impact on power than reasonable AFR levels), if a 2.5 g/rev engine load is targeted with 11.8:1 AFR a 3.2 g/rev load must experience a slower burning velocity of 10.5:1 AFR regardless of engine speed. the afr's with the gm kit have always been bouncing up around 14-15 till somewhere close to 5k and by the time I'm up around 7k it's dropped quickly to 10.3-10.5 my_bd 2004 Saturn Ion Redline - 13.1 @ 110 Sep 05, 2008 · I ran a small block Ford with 10.5:1 on 89 octane..if I had to. For awhile I had over heating problems and then pinging. I installed a cross flow radiator with a better than stock water pump. Trashed the points for electronic dizzy with a msd box and enlarged the exhuast flow. Which of course worked to the advantage when running 110 at the track. Oct 29, 2016 · I set the entire wot running of the map to 10.5 afr and the actual afr measured was varying up/down in no specific trend from 11-13.5!!! I was so confused. I tried just accounting for this in the high octane table itself but then the fuel table was very choppy and all over the place, and still....the correction factors I used did not dial the ...

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